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Ladies Champion

Congratulations to the 2019 Ladies Champion - The Bras from Grand Falls, New Brunswick

Men's Champions

Congratulations to the 2019 Men's Champion - Captains Namest Czech Republic

2019 Event Information

The 2019 World Pond Hockey Championship will be held from February 14-17, 2019. The team registration process is now complete. Contact info@worldpondhockey.ca  and get your team on an email list that will receive registration information and to be included on our waiting list. We do have cacellations each year -  it is important to be on our list.

Czechoslovakia Pond Hockey Tournament New WPHC Affiliate

A group from Czech Republic and Slovakia who participated in the 2017 World Pond Hockey Champinship in Plaster Rock has decided to start a similar event in their homeland. As part of the agreement, the Czechoslovakia Pond Hockey Tournament will send 9 participating teams to Plaster Rock for the 2019 World Pond Hockey Championship

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FEBRUARY 14-17, 2019

Participant Testimonials

"This is the hockey player’s trip to Mecca.it’s much like a pilgrimage, one that everyone should experience. It’s amazing
Warren Rost, London, England 

"This event, your volunteers and the community of Plaster Rock continue to remind us each February what this game is really all about. Great job! 
Dan Crabbe, Fredericton, NB 

"What makes this event great is that you do it from the heart. People see that. It’s refreshing to see a community doing something for all the right reasons " 
Ed Swift, Sports Illustrated 

I have had the opportunity to play in numerous professional arenas, college campuses and even Lake Placid but your event is the single most fun and exciting hockey experience I have ever had " 
Steve Jeffers, New Jersey 

"It was an amazing time. Great event, great town and most importantly great people." 
David Manning, St.John’s Newfoundland 

"On behalf of the boys from Colorado, thanks to you and your community for the most memorable hockey experience EVER! " 
Dave Meisters, Fort Collins, Colorado 

"I’ve been to sporting events all over the world and this is really as good as it gets. There is a special mystique about it all
Peter Imber, ABC Sports 

"This is the closest I have ever been to being 10 years old again
Gord Drummond, Peace River, Alberta 

"One of the best organized events we’ve ever been to . We’re still talking about it here in the west
David Guest, Portage, Manitoba 

"Awesome experience, very friendly people, very good hockey, very cold - what a great package
Jean-Phillipe Martin, Radio Canada 

"This has been a highlight in my hockey career; honestly, this is what the game is all about. I have had a ton of fun
Brian Skrudland, Calgary, Alberta 

"You and your volunteers are gracious hosts, run a world class event and we experienced world class hospitality
John McCann, Dublin, Ireland 

"You Tobiquer’s are a very hearty bunch and the friendliest group of people we have ever met. You folks do an incredible job.
Randy Gilmer, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin 

"We weren’t sure what to expect but we were blown away by the professionalism of the event. It is something every hockey player should experience
Ryan Kett, Hagersville, Ontario 

"Thanks for putting on yet another world class event. We are utterly impressed with the open arms welcome we receive. It’s refreshing to see such genuine hospitality
Kevin Keaveney, Exeter, New Hampshire 

"We had the time of our lives. Plaster Rock is a very special place full of very special people
Colin Ives, South Norwalk, Connecticut 

"Thanks for a truly unique opportunity and the greatest tournament in the world. We hope this is not a once in a lifetime experience. Hope to see you again
Reni Maggi, Zurich, Switzerland 

"What a great weekend. My entire time was spent either laughing or in complete awe. The WPHC is a great event
Michael Lalli, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

"This was the greatest tournament ever. From the hockey to the beer tent to the dance we never stopped having fun
Bryan Gruley, Chicago, Illinois 

"Your entire team should be extremely proud. The fun we had, the people we met, what a great event. We will carry these memories for life
Mike Ward, Port Huron, Michigan 

"We really enjoyed the WPHC and your hospitality is second to none. I feel as though I now have friends and family in Plaster Rock
Al Jensen, Detroit Michigan 

"I have not had that much fun in 4 days for longer than I can remember
Blaine Fitzpatrick, Ten Mile House, PEI 

"After play was done on Thursday one of my teammates looked at me as the snow was falling and said 'Wow, this is what hockey is really all about' " 
John Kern, Flossmoor, Illinois 

"We really look forward to Plaster Rock. Your town, your event injects a bit of Canada into our everyday lives. Not a day goes by that we don’t think of World Pond Hockey
Bill Messer, Cayman Islands 

"When we walked down to the lake on Wednesday night we said, "Holy shit it’s just like a Field of Dreams for hockey players", it took our breath away
John Ufland, Los Angeles, California 

"It was great for us to see the grassroots of the game here in Canada. This would be hard to do in Switzerland because of the climate so we are very happy that we came. Had a great time, see you next year
Christian Brandli, Kreuzlingen, Switzerland 

"I’m sore for two reasons, one - I discovered I am not in the shape I thought I was and two- I laughed all weekend. One of the best weekends of my entire life
Heston Allocco, Morristown, New Jersey 

"The way Plaster Rock opens their town, their homes to people from all over the world makes me very proud to call it my home town
David Burridge, Switzerland 

"It’s great to see the kids playing off to the side. That’s what it’s all about. They know more than many of us what the game really means. I wish my kids had this opportunity
Jim MacDonald, Navarre, Florida 

"It takes a lot of pride and sacrifice to pull something like this off. Those are very evident qualities in Plaster Rock
Rod Baker, Nunavut 

"An amazing event put on by amazing people
Brian Atkinson, Canadian Geographic Magazine 

"This is a great tournament that attracts people from all over the world - a great Canadian event
Prime Minister Stephen Harper 

"This is the most fun we have ever had playing the game of hockey. We will walk to Plaster Rock next year if we have to
Jim Menno, Walpole, Massachusetts 

"From the moment I arrived in Plaster Rock I felt like I was among friends. Aside from the birth of my kids, I can not recall anything in my life that compared to the wonderful experience I had this weekend. I look forward to coming back again and again.
John Lofstock, Bergenfield, New Jersey 

"This event makes me even prouder to be a Tobiquer and it is a real pleasure to bring friends from outside the area and across the world to participate
Bill Schofield, Cairo, Egypt 

"One of the best times I’ve ever had...period
Don Buma, Stoney Creek, Ontario 

"Thank you and the people of Plaster Rock for allowing four fifty year old men to recapture our youth in your winter wonderland
John Spatola, Milton, Massachusetts 

"We went into the tournament knowing we would have a good time, we completely underestimated it, we had an absolutely fantastic time
Brad Stewart, St.Thomas, Ontario 

"This whole weekend really brings us back to our roots in the game. The hospitality in your town is incredible; everyone makes us feel so welcome, and appreciated
Drew Hedman, Tisdale, Saskatchewan 

"Your level of organization is absolutely phenomenal and you provide us all with memories that we will keep for a life time
John Charles, Cabin John, Maryland 

"We had a fabulous time. Event organization was first class and your people go out of their way to make us all feel welcome
Michael Phillips, Munich, Germany 

"The experience is beyond explainable and the amount of sportsmanship, dedication, hard work and support offered throughout the weekend is unbelievable
Mark Legace, Corner Brook, Newfoundland 

"Thanks for letting us be a small part of such a special initiative. The volunteers, the community make this our most memorable event of the year
Alec Nicholls, Gatineau, Quebec 

"This is a very classy tournament. We had high expectation based upon what we had heard about the event but we were blown away - exceeded any expectations we had
Matthew Kossatz, Manotick, Ontario 

"Plaster Rock is the Pond Hockey Capital of the World
Alex J. Walling, TSN 

"We heard about it, were able to get in and I couldn't believe what a great showcase it is. You come out of the woods onto this lake and it's like skating on Christmas morning. Our team can't wait to get back next year.
Darren Cossar, Halifax, Nova Scotia 

"One of the most amazing experiences of our lives. A great event that not only promotes your part of the world, but the true spirit of the game of hockey
John Kuchar, St.Louis, Missouri 

"To say we were mightily pleased would be an understatement. Participating and visiting Plaster Rock was simply an amazing experience.
Lorne Matalon, Raleigh, North Carolina 

"It is one of life’s great experiences, coming together with great people sharing the same spirit and love of a game and understanding what really matters in life
Kevin Charles, Washington, DC 

"There are a lot of lakes around and now a lot of pond hockey events are starting up but there will only ever be one World Pond Hockey Championship and that is because of the people in Plaster Rock
Patty Martin, Labatt 

"You guys do an amazing job. We had a great experience
Ray Plummer, Beijing, China 

Charles McGrath, New York City 

"Our experience can be summed up in one word... AWESOME. 
The tremendous hospitality of the local people and volunteers overwhelmed us. You are great ambassadors for New Brunswick
Kevin Chronley, Chicago, Illinois 

"The tournament was better than I ever expected. I have been to a lot of events but nothing compares to the product you guys turn out
Curt Schlonies, Oakville, Ontario 

"This was simply the best hockey experience of my life, one I shall never forget...I just hope we get another opportunity to do it again " 
Ryan Hucker, New Haven, Connecticut 

"Every hockey players once in a lifetime experience...only we want to do it all again
Zoran Kozic, London, England 

"Incredible - our team thoroughly enjoyed the entire weekend and the prevalent attitude of skate - shoot - score - have a beer " 
Scott Vincent, Plano, Texas 

"After being here only a few hours I now realize your town and your people are a big part of the attraction " 
Clare Duffy, NBC News 

"Thank you and your community so much. It was simply an amazing, amazing time. We’d be back in a heartbeat
Joe Stasiuk, Cayman Islands 

"Tremendous job, your efforts do not go unnoticed. Every team we spoke with over the weekend commented on how incredible and well organized the event was
Fabrice Lombardi, Ottawa, Ontario 

"It was absolutely the greatest time of my life, no kidding
Dennis Hayes, Simsbury, Connecticut 

"Thank you Plaster Rock. We had an amazing time, everything was perfect. Hope to get back again next year " 
Nat Robbins, Hopkins, Minnesota 

"Absolutely, unforgettably fantastic for the second year in a row
Brian Gruley, Wall Street Journal 

"I could tell right away everything was extremely well organized. It was a privilege for us to help. You and your volunteers exhibit so much passion
Heinz Limpert, Canadian Helicopters 

"The media exposure has been great once again. Plaster Rock is an international hockey hotbed and all of New Brunswick should be proud. You are making us all look good " 
Peter Lawlor, Saint John, NB




The events listed below serve as official qualifying events for the World Pond Hockey Championship!

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